If you are on the board of your League, there are certain minimal things you have to pay attention to...not only to keep your current diverse membership happy, but also attract new loyal League members.

Remember there are many kinds of League members:

  • those that want to "do something"
  • those that want to "learn something"
  • those that want to "be a part of something"
  • those that are merely "curious".

So ...here are nine things I believe are important and show that your League has a grasp on things!

  • Carefully planned meetingsthat start and end as announced.
  • Programsthat are of general and special interest to members.
  • Programs that include a helpful and timely information exchange and an opportunity to network afterwards.
  • Regular, timely communications. A newsletterreports that on activities (90% of the content), and is digested in short nuggets as opposed to longer articles.
  • Opportunities via a talent bankor some means to continually solicit volunteers.
  • Recognition of achievements.
  • Leadership that is opento advice and suggestions and solicits ideas for improvement.
  • Encouragement of new membersto make them feel welcome.
  • Orientation for members.