If your League is like mine, fall is the time of year when we make a concerted push to gain new members. (Even though membership recruitment is year 'round!). Sometimes members are hesitant to ask a friend or neighbor to join but would be willing to give their names. I thought this might be a useful tool to add to your membership arsenal!


Marcia A. Merrins
LWVUS Membership Services Committee, Co-Chair



Dear ________(Friend, Community Activist, other appropriate salutation)

We think you and the League of Women Voters have a lot in common—concern about critical issues, involvement in your community, and a desire to make a difference That's why I'd like to invite you to join the League.

The League is a nonpartisan citizen organization celebrating 90 years of experience in educating voters, studying and acting on important issues affecting our community, training members for leadership roles, and providing nonpartisan information on candidates. Our mission is to help every citizen have a voice in government, which we believe is the foundation and strength of our government. To that end, our members study and act on a variety of issues, such as zoning, day care, recycling, waste generation, parks and recreation, social services, state and local finances and clean air to name a few.

In addition to influencing public policy at all levels of government the League offers skills enhancement and professional growth opportunities to the individual member. Many members hold elected or appointed office as a result of League experience. Other members find their League activities a valuable addition to their resumes.

Come discover the world through the League of Women Voters. The League of Women Voters is where hands-on work to safeguard democracy leads to civic improvement. Join LWV and be directly involved in shaping the important issues to keep our community strong, safe and vibrant.

Enclosed is a brochure and our VOTER which will show you the times and places of our meetings. We invite you to attend and find out more about the most dynamic citizen organization in the country. If you have any questions, please call our Membership Chair at _______________. Make a difference. Join the League of Women Voters.