Active/Inactive Roster

Click on Roster which is on the list of screens to open on the left or at the bottom of the screen. You will see the following screen.

There are two choices:

Account Status – allows you to pick just your active members, inactive members or both.


Choosing Account Status Active will produce a list of only your active members.


Choosing Account Status Inactive will produce a list of only inactive members of your League.


Choosing Account Status of Both will produce a list of active and inactive members. Which type of member appears on this list is determined by the choices you make in Account Status.


File-allows you to choose whether you want to see the information on the screen or download a file to your computer to use in merges or mailing labels. The first graphic below is an example of what you would see on the screen and the second graphic is an example of downloading a file.


Choosing File Show On-line will give you a formatted view of your roster on the screen. This is also where you would print a formatted copy of your roster.


Viewing Your Roster Online
After making your choices for viewing your roster hit Submit and your roster will appear on the screen. Please give it a minute or two, the system has to pull all the information together.

Find the name of the person you are looking and the set of numbers at the extreme left in blue is his/her Member ID.
You can go directly to a member’s record by hitting the Member ID.


If you chose Both in Account Status look for the names of people you wish to reinstate or persons who have paid for membership. (We are finding that many inactive members are rejoining the League. You would follow the same procedure above to change the information in their record.)


When that person’s MICF appears, change: Member Status to Active; change expiration date, address, phone, etc. Remember: Press TAB after each change you make.


Scroll to the bottom of the form and SUBMIT.


To see the updated roster click on the Back button on your browser and hit the refresh button and your new information will appear on your roster.


Repeat this process to reinstate other members.  To print, make sure you print in LANDSCAPE mode.


When you choose just view your roster clicking on a Member ID brings up the MICF form and allows changes to the member's information. Clicking the Email Address brings up the user’s email software (which must be installed on the PC) and allows an email to be written and sent to the member.


Download Roster
If you choose Download Link you will see the following screen.



You may open the file with software of your choice or save the file on your hard-drive. Once it is on your hard-drive, open it in other software to manipulate the data for mailing labels or mail merges.


Note: This data is not interactive and any changes made to this data IS NOT saved in the Online Database.


This file can be used to do Microsoft Word mail merges or Microsoft Outlook e-mail merges.


The menu items are not available from the download file. Clicking the "Back" button on the browser will return to the download page and provide the menu.




Available Downloads