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Nominate yourself or another exceptional Leaguer for the 2014-16 LWVUS Board

The LWVUS Nominating Committee needs YOU! You can help us find great League leaders for the 2014-2016 LWVUS Board and Nominating Committee. This national Board will lead us forward and work to make the League stronger. We are proud of growing our own leaders. LWVUS leaders have honed their leadership skills working in their local and state Leagues. Consider all that you and your colleagues have to offer our organization. Let us know who you see as the next national leader.

Nominee Criteria

The following are criteria that will be used to evaluate nominees for the 2014-2016 LWVUS Board. Please note that not every successful candidate will have all of the experience or satisfy every item on the list of desired characteristics. Our purpose is to insure that there is a balanced mix of individuals who can work together effectively to further the mission of the League.


  • Computer Literacy: Nominees must be comfortable with carrying out League responsibilities largely through e-mail or other electronic means.
  • Communication: Nominees must be able to listen to and communicate with all levels of League as well as to effectively speak, write, and edit.
  • Financial: Nominees must be able to understand and interpret basic financial information.
  • Organizational: Nominees must be able to critically evaluate, successfully plan and manage their assigned projects in a timely manner.


A successful nominee needs many of the following:

  • Leadership experience at other levels of the League.
  • Experience at League events such as a state or national convention.
  • Interest in and knowledge of national governmental issues.
  • Participation in successful fund-raising efforts where personal calls to prospective donors are required.
  • Non-profit or business experience relevant to leading the LWVUS.

Other Characteristics of a successful nominee:

  • Have a passion for and great interest in the League of Women Voters.
  • Be willing and able to make the time commitments necessary for a board or Nominating Committee position.
  • Demonstrate a good working knowledge of the larger external environment in which all levels of League and other non profits operate and have the ability to visualize the League’s future in that environment.
  • Understand the need for flexibility and openness in evaluating and accepting new ideas and be able to view these ideas from different perspectives.
  • Have the ability to participate as a ‘team player’ by respecting the views and ideas of others and be willing to compromise on issues if necessary.

Additional information on the LWVUS Board and Nominating Committee can be found by clicking here.

If you know someone who would be a great addition to the LWVUS Board or Nominating Committee, there is a printable version of the 2014-2016 LWVUS Nominee Recommendation Form below or you can submit a nomination digitally with the version that can be found by clicking here.

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