Guidelines for Use of the Online Database

Please print this attachment for easy reference before entering changes. To print, first click on the "Print this Page" link in the green bar.

    1. Open the Active and Inactive Roster attachment first. You may make multiple changes at this site, but at the beginning, please make only one change at a time. This is your active roster and changes will be seen immediately.
    2. Adding New Members

ALWAYS go to your Home Page and open BOTH (Inactive and Active Rosters) to see if the name you wish to submit as a new member is listed as an Inactive Member.If the name is not listed with an “I” before his/her name, then:

Click on ADD MEMBER and complete the form.

    • When you submit the name of a new member, enter it only 1 time no matter what message shows up on your screen. You will not see this member’s name on your roster for 24-72 hours because a member number must be assigned to this member and we validate this entry at LWVUS to make sure that this is not a duplicate record. Most of the time, we’vebeen able to validate the new members within 24 hours, but if the name is submitted on Friday, Saturday or Sunday or in some unusual circumstances, please give us a little more time to work on the new names.
    • Household Members: It is easy to household members. The thing to remember is that you must have both household members entered in the database. This is what you do at the VIEW ROSTER screen:

      1. Look for the L2V household member and click on the Member ID.
      2. Scroll to the bottom of member’s file to CHANGE HOUSEHOLD ACCOUNT.
      3. Click on the drop-down box and click on ADD.
      4. Enter the L3V member’s ID.
      5. Submit the entry.
    • Entering Current League Officers: (See instructions below).
    • These are changes we must process at LWVUS. Please send the name(s) and member number(s) to membership@lwv.orgto:
      1. combine duplicate records.
      2. transfer in or transfer out members.
      3. correct “Join Date” entries.
    • For additional questions or information, please refer to the manual or contact us. Email or contact Lela Sallis, database manager at or (202) 263-1321.