As with any venerable group, League of Women Voters must work diligently to ensure sustainability by increasing membership. The League of Women Voters of New Jersey is no exception. One of their members shared, “[the League is determined not to allow] a wonderful old organization to fade into the sunset. “

The NJ League’s existing members pooled their talent and redoubled their efforts. The organization has implemented many programs including new voter service efforts, the Running and Winning program and civics internship programs. They have participated in community fairs, created new websites and published newsletters. Although these efforts boosted membership and community visibility, the League was still hungry for more strategies to create an even more successful organization.

To that end, the League joined the Membership and Leadership Development (MLD) Program.  Leaving the training sessions feeling invigorated and employing the structured guidance they received in the MLD Handbook, these League members were able to learn and brainstorm new coaching tips to jump start their membership recruitment efforts.  

Through these trainings, members were able to acknowledge areas in which they were successful, as well as to explore areas they could improve. This was all made possible because, as one member stated, “LWVUS recognizes our situation and has created a streamlined, twenty-first century program to support us. The brand is worth preserving!”

Back at home, they put their new knowledge to the test by creating plans for action. The New Jersey League found their improvements in the form of creating events to incorporate pressing current issues, which inspired potential members to get involved and bring more leaders to the team. Through the MLD training, members better understood “how the League program could be expanded with something for all of their members,” new and established alike.

Moving forward from the MLD training, the LWV of New Jersey stated, “We are now more aware of what we are doing and we have revitalized hope for the future of our League.” With this renewed enthusiasm, the NJ League experience exemplifies the same benefits all Leagues have the potential to gain by experiencing the MLD Training Program.


Want to grow your League? Through the MLD program, the League is becoming more effective and more powerful in communities throughout the nation. The MLD program is funded by the Fund for Local League Growth.

Give to the fund and help grow the League in your community. For more information about the MLD program and how to participate, please contact Shauneen Grout at