Dear League Leaders,

Here are two opportunities for your League to get more recognition within your community.

LWVUS has recently teamed up with, an organization that acts a liaison for community groups etc. to link people and activities and calendars through their site to allow for more visibility. Please check them out to see how your League can benefit from this partnership.  Celebrating the good that people are doing is the core of the AmericanTowns mission to build stronger communities, so they would like to promote the League members’ green “good works” as examples for other communities to emulate, through their partner GreenTowns.  

Check out, a new online network that celebrates local and national green initiatives in 15,000 towns across the country and connects people around green efforts. It's an initiative of the parent company, a hyper-local website used by 2.5 million people every month to find local events, news, blogs/tweets, community groups, local resources and business services. 

Here are some suggestions on how to use GreenTowns to spread the word:

  • Become a member of your local GreenTowns community page and share your interest in green in a personalized profile
  • Answer a few questions on The "How Green Is Your Town" Snapshot, increasing awareness of your town's eco-friendliness.
  • Add a local, green initiative you support or lead, to be shared on your GreenTowns town page and in other communities.
  • Click on other local initiatives you like, to celebrate them or share them with friends.  And invite friends to join you on your community page. 

If you have any questions email Daphne Dixon, the Director of GreenTowns at



Marcia A. Merrins
LWVUS Board of Directors
Trainings and Meetings Chair
716-672-5472 FAX