Dear League Leaders,
Are you ready for some football?

Well, I used to be football fan. My Buffalo Bills have been so lackluster these past few years that watching them on TV has been painful. Those in the know talk about "rebuilding" a team, but it's had been more than one down season. But alas, they have won their first two games of the season!...and exciting ones at that!
So, I wondered: What does it take to succeed in a rebuilding season?

1. Talent. To rebuild anything (your League), you must first have the talent to do so (sort-of sounds like a famous quote)! Whether the talent is you or someone else, you must recognize the opportunity for improvement and act on it. Your League is not going to simply rebuild itself, it's going to take people, talented people. Your job is to identify who the talent is and build upon that.

2. Belief. The number one indicator for success lies with your internal belief system. Do you believe you are going to win the game? Do you believe you are going to get the job? Do you believe you are going to gain new members? Do you believe you are going to lead your team to victory? Do you truly, deep down, gut-checked, know with all your heart, believe you can rebuild or rebound? If you don't believe, why even waste your time. Not believing only leads to losses. Some may be small, some may be big, but over time not believing in yourself and your abilities will only create disappointing failure. Take the time to list out WHY you believe you can accomplish whatever it is your League goals are.. Do it now! Please. Reflecting on the "why" will help solidify your belief.

3. Seasoned Coach. A coach is instrumental in the success of rebuilding anything. Having a mentor or leader that can effectively teach and coach, motivate and inspire, demonstrate and set the example for the team, sets the tone and amplifies each persons individual talent and belief. The coach is the nucleus of success. This is the person who creates the game plan and calls the plays. A coach's job is to showcase the talent, make decisions for the team, make mid-game adjustments, and do whatever it takes to win. Who is your coach?

4. Backup.  This is probably the most overlooked piece of the puzzle. In football, you have several strings of backups, but in League, very rarely do you have a back up for each person. Think about it, or more specifically, think of someone in your office who does something instrumental to the companies success; do they have a back up? Do you have a back up plan for when someone gets hurt (sick, runs for office, quits, goes on maternity leave {okay do I'm optimistic])? Back-up your people, your talent, your team, your coach, and your hard drive so you can keep the momentum going.

The Bills didn't win their game because of dumb luck, though some would argue with me on that one, they won because they had genuine talent, they believed that they could, they had an experienced coach leading them, and a back-up plan in place.

The season to rebuild is NOW. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, right now.

Are you the talent? The coach? Or the backup?

Identify the role you plan to play this rebuilding season and partner that with your belief, so that you can win.