Dear League Leaders,

I just finished working at an Empty Bowls fund-raiser for my small community. (We raised over $15,000 in 3 hours with a little effort from a lot of people!) At this event, several people who saw me moderate a contentious debate on local access TV thanked me and League for all we do in the community and that the work we do is so important. Then I couldn't resist...I asked him to support us and become a member and he chuckled and walked on. I am so glad he came out for this event and spent $50, at least, on empty bowls. Somehow raising money for the League is not in the same category as raising money for food for those in need. Our community appreciates what we do, yet relatively few support us. How can we change that?

Imagine!... what you can achieve if you doubled your members! What could you do?

Imagine!...what you could do if you doubled your assets! What would you do?

Imagine!...getting the movers and shakers in your membership and community together in a big powwow, leaving the doubting Thomases behind, and simply brainstorm!

Commit!... to a really cool idea and work out a plan, figuring out what you need in terms of human and financial resources, to make it so.

Act! If your really want to get the juices flowing in your Leagues, be sure to send a member to your LWVUS Convention this year in Washington, D.C. We will be brainstorming with you as  you work on plans for your League.

Check out our new website and regularly check Convention 2012 - "The Power of the Vote - Imagine! Commit! Act!" as  workshops, inspiring speakers, and caucuses become finalized.  

I am looking forward to seeing you!