League Basics – this publication covers the basics of managing a League. It also offers extensive resources in its appendices and through links on www.lwv.org

Leaders Update (weekly email) – this is a weekly email communication from LWVUS. It offers the current information on LWVUS Advocacy, Membership, Election Services, Education Fund opportunities, etc. Anyone can receive this email and it is also available on www.lwv.org.

LWVUS Board Liaisons – each national board member acts as a liaison to several states and local Leagues. The liaison for your state is happy to assist you in any way, answer questions and is a great resource for information.

Membership and Leadership Development Program – this initiative has been developed by LWVUS to help Leagues focus on outreach and membership recruitment. The MLD Program is currently expanding across the nation and will in the not too distant future be in each state.

Shur Fellows (National Coaching Team) – this is the outgrowth of the Membership and Leadership Development Program. A national coaching team has been established to coach the state coaches in the states that participate in the MLD Program. The plan is to have a coaching system established within every state across the country supported by a national coaching team.

LWVUS website, www.lwv.org - The LWVUS website not only has a public exposure but a Members Section that offers leaders’ materials, e.g. League Basics, Presidents Packet, toolkits, templates, etc. Much of the information you might need is located there.

LWVUS Forums – there are discussion groups offered by LWVUS on a variety of topics. These groups offer an opportunity to share with other League members’ ideas, suggestions and questions. Learn more about Getting Started on the Forums.

LWV Education Fund Pass Through Grants – LWVEF often gets grant funding for a specific project that local Leagues can participate in. These pass through grant possibilities are announced in the Leaders Update.

Member Resource: