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Stories From Around the State

  • Worried about the effect of the new Wisconsin Voter ID law requiring voters to show a photo ID, the La Crosse County (WI) League of Women Voters just started a 4-day education campaign to teach voters about the new law. The County Clerk noted: "We're doing these sessions to give people the information they need on how to obtain photo I.D. and what will be valid so they can go vote at the polls at the elections this year." The meetings began January 10 all across the county. Jane Klekamp, director of the La Crosse County League, said getting every eligible voter ready for voting under the new law is not easy: "We don't know who is unaware of law." It’s been noted that the elderly, who no longer drive, and voters without a Wisconsin identification (out-of-state IDs are not acceptable) are the target group. Media reports here and here.

  • The Public Advocacy for Voter Protection project is gearing up for round two of voter photo ID legislation that could become law in several states by the end of the year. Legislation is moving in PA, OH, MN and MI. Those states that have new photo ID requirements are working to ensure that everyone who is eligible to vote can vote and have their vote counted. LWV WI has implemented an Election Observer Program to identify issues that may arise at the polls. Andrea Kaminski, the Executive Director of LWV WI, was recently on the Al Sharpton show on MSNMB discussing the voter suppression law. You can view the interview here.