Panelists at the Women's HIsotyr on the Horizon event

On Women’s Equality Day, I participated in the Women’s History on the Horizon: the Centennial of Women’s Suffrage in 2020 panel at the National Archives.

Tell the EPA to Limit Carbon Pollution

League members were offered a unique experience to join a call with the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Gina McCarthy to discuss the EPA's Clean Power Plan, which limits carbon emissions from power plants.

Celebrate Women's Equality Day; Register to Vote!

This week, as we mark the 94th anniversary of the 19th amendment becoming law, let's honor those brave women and men by engaging and empowering all voters to register to vote.

Tens of thousands of people could find it harder to vote as Kansas and Arizona seek to impose strict proof of citizenship requirements

Poll tax collection

This week marks the anniversary of the House of Representatives’ passage of the 24th Amendment, landmark legislation that sought to outlaw the poll tax as a voting requirement in federal elections.

Maud Wood Park

It is tempting to look back on the early days of the League for inspiration, especially as we look forward to a federal midterm election where much is at stake. I am also inspired by the fact that so many Leagues and members are already out in their communities registering and educating voters.