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LWV Launches Youth Voter Registration Program in 15 States

By mduncan
League volunteers at a voter registration drive

Our Youth Voter Registration Program kicked off in nearly 40 communities nationwide. League volunteers in 15 states will visit local high schools, community colleges and technical/vocational schools to help young people get registered and ready to vote in 2014.

School’s Out. Have You Registered to Vote?

By mduncan
High School students register to vote

Preliminary results of our high school voter registration project show that we helped register thousands of young people to vote this spring! Here are six major takeaways that have us excited about young voters.

National Volunteer Week: Something to Smile About

By mduncan
Voter Registration Drive, Arlington, VA

Every time I remember that this is National Volunteer Week, I break into a smile. I am lucky to come to work every day to support women & men around the country who are dedicating their free time to helping voters participate in our democracy.