Fundraising Policies

 Overarching Principles

Direct Mail Policies


Rental and Exchange of Donor Lists

The development staff is authorized to rent or exchange the non-member and nationally-recruited member donor lists to meet the fundraising goals of the LWVUS/LWVEF.

Support or Opposition to Political Nominees


Under very special circumstances, the LWVUS may support or oppose political appointments to federal office with the direct approval of the LWVUS board.  If the board is not to meet in time for the matter to be considered, the board shall be polled by telephone or email. 

The LWVUS may oppose a nominee only when the nominee clearly has no qualifications for the job—not when the nominee merely holds positions that differ from those of the LWVUS. 

Selection Criteria for International Travel

From time to time, opportunities to participate in programs involving international travel are made available to League members.  These include programs sponsored by the LWVUS/LWVEF, by the federal government and by other organizations.  

The process for selecting League participants for such programs shall be as open and inclusive as possible, and both LWVUS/LWVEF board members and non-board members shall be eligible to participate. 

Online National Voter Service Policy

Comprehensive voter information is central to the core mission of the League of Women Voters Education Fund and the LWVEF must continue to take advantage of new technology to engage the public, therefore:

A. The League is committed to maintaining a national online voter education resource which provides general and state specific information including, but not limited to, any or all of the following:

Guidelines for Major in State Initiatives

In General

From time to time, the LWVUS/EF may undertake major advocacy, educational, visibility or membership campaigns or initiatives in one or more states. Major initiatives may enhance the League's effectiveness in achieving its educational, advocacy and organizational goals or further a current program or organizational priority. All aspects of major initiatives must be consistent with LWVUS/EF bylaws, policies, and positions.

Criteria for Approving Requests for Action

The LWVUS board adopts annually a set of legislative priorities to guide its advocacy work in Congress.  The goals are:

•     to enhance the League's effectiveness by concentrating resources on priority issues.

•     to build the League's credibility and visibility by projecting a focused and consistent image.

•     to ensure that the League has sufficient issue and political expertise to act knowledgeably.

Coalitions and Partnerships

The appropriate board (or the Executive Committee, when timing is critical) must explicitly approve LWVUS or LWVEF membership in all formal coalitions and partnerships as well as the acceptance of a League position on the board/advisory board of another organization.  Formal coalitions are those that have permission to use the League name. 

Biennial Program Assessment


Approval of Program Proposals

The following questions shall guide the LWVUS/LWVEF board in determining whether the LWVUS/LWVEF should undertake, endorse, or otherwise participate in a proposed program, project or activity.  This includes programs to be developed by the LWVUS or LWVEF as well as those initiated by other organizations.

1.   To what extent will the program