By now many of you have bumper crops! With all the rain, you still need to cultivate your garden to enjoy the "fruit" of your efforts. There are many supporters of League who do not join. Some say they don't have the time for one reason or another (...and we've heard them all!). Yet, they still donate to the League.

Don't forget them!

This is the time of year when we are out and about...especially in climates that have snowy mine! Even though "League" may be far from your mind, it is important to take advantage of summer socializing and "sell" the League. Membership recruitment is every member's main contribution for sustaining your League.

The "sale" hinges on you and your communication ability.

The League filed an amicus brief in the case Citizens United v. FEC in association with the Constitutional Accountability Center.

We are coming into the time of year when we are very visible. Leagues are engaged in summer visibility activities (perhaps a celebration on August 26th for the passage of the 19th amendment, staffing a table at a festival or marching in a parade). They are also planning their educational programming and voter service activities.

Now is a good time to think about our members...the heart of our League.

Ever had a "great" idea for your League and tried it, only to find that it didn’t work? How many times do we hear from experienced board members, that "We've tried that and it didn't work." Have you tried to never have a "great" idea since that fiasco?

The League of Women Voters has hosted delegations of Russians in the United States as part of the Open World Leadership Center (OWLC) since 2005.  From May 11th - May 23rd, 2009, a League delegation traveled throughout Russia to the cities of Moscow, Kaluga, and St. Petersburg to visit with local partners and with twenty three former participants of the hosting program.

One way to retain members is to engage them in your League. This may be the time of year to encourage members to get involved whether they chair a committee stuff envelopes.

Here is a sample of a survey that may help you (and them) identify interests, skills and other informa­tion to customize your activities and jobs. It is a page that can be folded and mailed back to you!

League of Women Voters of YOUR LEAGUE - MEMBER PROFILE

Please complete and return.

Name: Date:



Healthy Leagues usually welcome any kind of outside help. However, some presidents may feel that their boards do not need training, that they can handle it themselves, or that they simply do not have the time. Ironically, boards have spent so much time coddling their boards with words like “they’re just volunteers, we can’t ask them to do that,” that we have failed to realize a critical error in that thinking. And in a strong League, that training is ongoing, just as it is in the corporate world.

"The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year." -John Foster Dulles

How should membership recruitment work?

After all, membership is everyone's responsibility. Are we a League club? Does our board (and members) ask prospective members to join? (Sometimes you have to ask more than once!)? Do we carry membership forms with us?

Why did it fail?

Do You Strut Your Stuff?

One hallmark of successful Leagues is visibility. Time after time, we have seen that this often the key to success and growth.

Our program is our product; it’s what we offer our members. It’s what attracts others to join…and it’s what we do for our communities.

People are busy, and countless other organizations, worthy causes and leisure activities are competing for their time and attention! That is why packaging and marketing "The League" effectively is so important.