Good Evening. I am NAME AND TITLE (e.g. Marcia Merrins member of the LWV Chautauqua County and director on the national  level of the League). I am moderator with Judy Reynolds for this evening’s Meet the Candidates Forum.

Today I chatted with a president from a local League in Virginia about a new member orientation she was planning for November. My discussion with her prompted some thoughts. I am sure you can share yours ideas on this discussion list too!

Integrate the member as soon as possible into the League process.

Call the member to welcome him/her. Having the president call is very effective.

90th Anniversary: Making Democracy Work Award

The Making Democracy Work (MDW) Award is an excellent tool for use during the League of Women Voters 90th anniversary year, as well as future annual events.  The MDW Award program is designed to both highlight the value of membership to potential League members and to increase the visibility of the League’s contributions to the community.



If your League is like mine, fall is the time of year when we make a concerted push to gain new members. (Even though membership recruitment is year 'round!). Sometimes members are hesitant to ask a friend or neighbor to join but would be willing to give their names. I thought this might be a useful tool to add to your membership arsenal!



90th Calendar


February 14- League 90th Birthday

March- Women's History Month

August 26th- Women's Equality Day

September- Voter Registration Month

October- Voter Education Month

If you are on the board of your League, there are certain minimal things you have to pay attention to...not only to keep your current diverse membership happy, but also attract new loyal League members.

Remember there are many kinds of League members:

  • those that want to "do something"
  • those that want to "learn something"
  • those that want to "be a part of something"
  • those that are merely "curious".

So are nine things I believe are important and show that your League has a grasp on things!

as formulated at Pocantico Redistricting Conference July 2009

The statement below was agreed upon by attendees of the Pocantico Redistricting Conference on July 22-24, 2009. Additional organizations and individuals have signed on as well. All signatories are listed below. The essential principles are:

By now many of you have bumper crops! With all the rain, you still need to cultivate your garden to enjoy the "fruit" of your efforts. There are many supporters of League who do not join. Some say they don't have the time for one reason or another (...and we've heard them all!). Yet, they still donate to the League.

Don't forget them!

This is the time of year when we are out and about...especially in climates that have snowy mine! Even though "League" may be far from your mind, it is important to take advantage of summer socializing and "sell" the League. Membership recruitment is every member's main contribution for sustaining your League.

The "sale" hinges on you and your communication ability.

The League filed an amicus brief in the case Citizens United v. FEC in association with the Constitutional Accountability Center.