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Parliamentary Guidance for 2020 Convention

LWVUS National Convention

The customary LWVUS rules and procedures followed during plenary have been adapted for a virtual meeting and will be adopted at the beginning of Convention. Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th Edition, is the parliamentary authority designated in the LWVUS Bylaws.

All Convention business is accomplished by making, debating, and acting upon motions.

PMP and Convention Voting

Article IX, Section 3, of the LWVUS bylaws provides that “Each delegate representing a local or state League shall be entitled to vote only if that League has met its per member payment responsibilities. The national board may make an exception in the case of proven hardship.”

To conform to this bylaw, representatives from Leagues not paid in full will not have the privilege of the floor, the right to vote, or the right to make motions. PMP will be accepted any time before the opening plenary session to enable Leagues to have delegates with full voting privilege.

How to Vote

Voting will take place using one or more of the following three methods:

  • Raising Your Hand – This will be used when the Chair seeks unanimous consent and to vote on motions. Instructions on how to raise your hand in Zoom can be found in our Virtual Platform Guide.
  • Answering a Poll Question – This will be used to vote on motions as needed. Instructions on how to answer a poll question in Zoom can be found in our Virtual Platform Guide.
  • Responding to an Email Survey – This will be used to vote on the nominated slate if there is a contested election or in cases in which a poll result is close or otherwise deemed in need of additional verification by the Chair. All registered delegates will receive an email generated by the EventRebels registration software to the email address they used during registration. Delegates will have one hour to respond.

Additional Guidance

  • All delegates received an email invitation to a training session on Thursday, June 25 at 6:30pm ET.
  • Slides from our Introduction to Convention session can be downloaded as a PDF.