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2020-22 Proposed LWV Program

LWVUS National Convention


Proposed Program for 2020-2022

Based on Program Planning responses, the LWVUS Board recommends retaining all current LWVUS Positions in the areas of Representative Government, International Relations, Natural Resources, and Social Policy.  

The LWVUS Board recommends a League-wide Campaign for Making Democracy Work®: Voting Rights, Improving Elections, Campaign Finance/Money in Politics, and Redistricting  

The LWVUS Board also proposes continuing work on urgent issues: Climate Change, the Equal Rights Amendment, Health Care, Gun Safety, and Immigration.  

Finally, the LWVUS Board recommends that the Electoral Systems Concurrence should go to Convention floor for a vote in accordance with Article XII, Section 2(C) and (D) of the LWVUS Bylaws, along with other concurrences that are properly noticed per same section of the bylaws. 

The Program Adoption Process

The vote on the Proposed Program at Convention 2020 will be the culmination of months of Program Planning by state and local Leagues and Inter-League Organizations (ILOs). A proposed program was sent to Leagues along with the Program Planning Leaders Guide. A total of two hundred and seven (207) Leagues submitted recommendations to LWVUS.  

In March 2020, the LWVUS Board proposed a program based on recommendations from Leagues. Based on the more than 97% of program planning responses from state and local Leagues and ILOs that supported continuing the League-wide Campaign for Making Democracy Work® without modification, the LWVUS Board recommends continuing the Campaign for Making Democracy Work®. Throughout the past biennium, Leagues at every level have worked to protect and advance voting rights and election reform as well as fight efforts in Washington, D.C., and state legislatures to suppress the vote.  

During 2018-2020, we 

  • Launched a national redistricting campaign, People Powered Fair Maps™, in September 2019. It is the only the second campaign since our founding campaign (to enfranchise 20 million women to vote) for which we have had a national effort and all states received funds to support their statewide work. 

  • Launched a mass media campaign in key states in support of the For The People Act, the most sweeping democracy reform bill of modern times. 

  • Increased visibility for League around our advocacy and litigation portfolio, which includes voting rights, redistricting and census, money in politics, and improving elections. 

  • Experienced a significant increase in the improving election work, with nearly half the country engaged in litigation to expand voter access while preserving important civil rights.  

Delegates to Convention will vote on the Proposed Program and on any not-recommended items submitted in accordance with the LWVUS bylaws and voted for consideration by the Convention delegates. 

Not-Recommended Items for 2020-2022

Below are items/topics that were elevated by at least one League in the program planning process and were not included in the recommended program. To be moved for consideration at Convention, a not-recommended item must be moved for and granted consideration before delegates can discuss it as an amendment or substitute to the Proposed Program. Those moving consideration for concurrence at Convention must have met the requirements outlined in the LWVUS Bylaws Article XII, Sec. 2. Delegates advocating a not-recommended item should refer to the proposed Convention rules for more details.  

  • Agriculture 

  • Arms Control 

  • Borders/Vets 

  • CASEL Core Competencies 

  • Checks and Balances 

  • Criminal Justice 

  • Corporations 

  • Cyber Security 

  • Cyber Warfare 

  • Cyber Weapons 

  • DC Vote 

  • Election Communication 

  • Election Day 

  • Election Security 

  • Electoral College 

  • Electoral Systems/Voter Representation (study) 

  • Environmental Protection 

  • Federal Public Lands 

  • Federal Staffing and Funding 

  • Foreign Interference in Elections 

  • Fracking 

  • Fueling Democracy into the Future 

  • Housing 

  • Integrity of Elections  

  • Juvenile Justice 

  • LWV Principles 

  • LWVUS Position Review 

  • Rural Policy 

  • SARAT 

  • Selection of the President 

  • Voter Representation 

  • Voting Rights