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Alicia Gurrieri


Alicia Gurrieri is an Organizer with the League of Women Voters where she is using her direct-service and advocacy experiences to increase equity in democracy by working closely with League affiliates.

After graduating from Northwestern University in 2013, Alicia became a Health Educator with the South Jersey AIDS Alliance and provided one-on-one and group behavioral intervention counseling to people living with HIV. After seeing firsthand the positive impact New Jersey’s Medicaid expansion had on its residents, she moved into the policy advocacy space by joining the National Women’s Law Center’s Reproductive Rights and Health team as their program assistant. She later absorbed the role of communications assistant and then worked as their development analyst. Currently, she is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Political Management from George Washington University.

Outside of work, Alicia makes any excuse she can to spend time with dogs—especially the ones she used to walk. When with the family in New Jersey, she loves playing board and video games with her three older siblings or baking with her mom. 

June marked the end of our 2019 High School Voter Registration project. With a record-breaking 60 Leagues participating, volunteers registered a total of 20,115 high school student in 28 states across the country, plus D.C.  

The sooner we can start educating young people about our election and voting systems, the more empowered they will be to make their voices heard. 

Shortly after the 2018 election, the outgoing Wisconsin legislature called a special session during which legislators passed a number of bills aimed at undermining the authority of the newly elected governor and attorney general. LWVWI filed a lawsuit, contending that the session was unconstitutional and requesting that the courts intervene to prevent the harm that these bills cause to voters.

Exactly one week after the election, I had the privilege of joining fellow members of the League of Women Voters of DC to register new voters at a naturalization ceremony. I had never been to a naturalization ceremony and was uncertain what to expect.

Proposition 4 promises the creation of an independent redistricting commission that is tasked with drawing lines for state legislative and congressional districts—meaning that those in power will no longer be the ones in charge of shaping their districts and choosing their voters.

This past Election Day, Michigan voters used the power of their ballots to transfer the responsibility of drawing state and legislative districts to an independent redistricting commission, as well as expand access to the polls by approving two Michigan initiatives: Proposals 2 and 3. 

This November, Florida voters will be presented with Amendment 4—a ballot amendment that would restore voting rights to people who were convicted of a felony offense, but have since served their sentences, completed parole or probation, and paid restitution.

League of Women Voters volunteers nationwide have passed a major milestone: hosting more than 600 school registration drives and registering nearly 20,000 students to vote so far this year.