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Caitlin Rulien

Communications Manager

Caitlin Rulien is the Communications Manager for the League of Women Voters. In this role, Caitlin is responsible for day-to-day communications needs of the League, including managing the League’s social media channels and email program, as well as supporting media outreach, content creation, and website development.

Passionate about voting rights and the possibilities of a democracy without barriers to the ballot, Caitlin works with the national communications team to help advocate, educate, and support our national network of volunteers, members, and leaders.

Caitlin holds a Bachelor of Science in public relations from the University of North Florida. Before joining the League in 2017, she worked in an array of fields, including agency, nonprofit, and media communications work. Her specialties include grassroots communications and social media strategizing, photojournalism, and copyediting.

Caitlin can usually be found listening to podcasts, refreshing Twitter, or playing with her dog while enjoying the DC seasons (a new experience for someone from Florida!)

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Washington, DC – League of Women Voters president, Chris Carson issued the following statement in response to President Trump's Executive Order terminating his 'election integrity' commission.

Ten representatives from the League of Women Voters were among the 25,000 attendees from 197 countries to attend the UN's climate conference, COP23, this November in Bonn, Germany.

Every American has the right to know who is paying for online political ads, whether it is organizations with ties to foreign governments or wealthy special interests at home.

The case of League of Women Voters of North Carolina v. Rucho challenges North Carolina’s 2016 congressional redistricting plan, arguing the plan violates the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. 

Editorial Note: This article was originally published in the League of Women

Justice Department Flip Flops on Voting Rights in Ohio Purge Case

By changing their position in the 2016 Ohio voter purge, the Justice Department is playing politics with our democracy and threatening the fundamental right to vote.

The League stands in firm opposition to the Election Integrity Commission. League president Chris Carson has publicly addressed its overreach, noting “Mr. Kobach has been brought to court — and lost — several times for suppressing the constitutional rights of citizens to vote in his home state of Kansas.”

This July 17th, a day that usually goes unnoticed by many, is the birthday of a man who vastly impacted the American electoral system.