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Caitlin Rulien

Caitlin Rulien
Communications Manager

Caitlin Rulien is the Communications Manager for the League of Women Voters of the United States. In this role, Caitlin is responsible for day-to-day communications needs of the League, including managing the League’s social media channels and email program, as well as supporting media outreach, content creation, and website development.

Passionate about voting rights and the possibilities of a democracy without barriers to the ballot, Caitlin works with the national communications team to help advocate, educate, and support our national network of volunteers, members, and leaders.

Caitlin holds a Bachelor of Science in public relations from the University of North Florida. Before joining the League in 2017, she worked in an array of fields, including agency, nonprofit, and media communications work. Her specialties include grassroots communications and social media strategizing, photojournalism, and copyediting.

Caitlin can usually be found listening to podcasts, refreshing Twitter, or playing with her dog while enjoying the DC seasons (a new experience for someone from Florida!)

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Here are a few stories from LWV staff members about their favorite memory of the voting process that we hope will inspire you as you plan to make your voice heard!

The League of Women Voters CEO Virginia Kase issued the following statement following President Trump's declaration of a national emergency.

While you're watching, our SOTU Bingo is a fun and easy way to track how the President’s speech and agenda for our nation match up with our priorities.

Yesterday I watched as my CEO was arrested in an act of civil disobedience in the atrium of the Hart Senate Office Building.

The Virginia General Assembly will convene in a special session to redraw eleven House of Delegates districts that a three-judge panel deemed in June were an unconstitutional racial gerrymander.

Today hundreds of thousands of people stepped up to say “Immigrants are welcome here” during Families Belong Together marches across the country.

The House of Representatives today in a 121-301 vote rejected the Ryan Compromise immigration legislation.

Our volunteers have been out in force, working with passionate students to register new voters at their school walkouts, marches, and other events across the country. 

On this page, LWVUS will maintain updated talking points for all Leagues to speak with one voice about the 2020 Census.