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LWVUS bylaws are adopted at our biannual Conventions. These rules apply to the entire organization.

Bylaws In Depth

One of the many important business items at the national convention is the review and possible amendment of the LWVUS Bylaws. Below is the process that Leagues should use to propose an amendment. All proposed amendments are reviewed by the Bylaws Committee. 

This training on December 15, 2021, explored multiple aspects of bylaws, the legally binding rules that outline how a nonprofit operates. 

Meet the LWVUS Nominating Committee for the 2020-22 biennium.

This template can be used by League's looking to create or update their bylaws. 

All candidates for LWVUS office have been made aware of the following Fair Campaign Pledge. Names will be added to this page as nominees sign the pledge. This pledge is part of the larger Campaign Policy for Candidates for LWVUS Office.

The LWVUS Bylaws and the Certificate of Incorporation are available for online reading and as a downloadable PDF. 

LWVEF Trust Agreement

You can run your League with a streamlined management structure.