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Census Action Kit

Census Action Kit

(Looking for the Redistricting Action Kit? Click here!)

Join Complete Count Committees

The U.S. Census Bureau provides materials for individuals interested in forming or joining existing Complete Count Committees (CCC). CCC's create awareness in communities across the country and play a key role in developing partners to educate and motivate residents to participate in the 2020 Census. Check out the U.S. Census Bureau's website for more information like the pamphlets linked to below.

  • State Complete Count Commissions: Includes contact information, Census timeline, and more information.
  • 2020 Census Complete Count Committee Guide
    Complete Count Database: LWVUS has compiled information regarding the formation of Complete Count Committees in preparation for the 2020 Census. The information also includes regional and local contacts where available. The information is current as of June 10, 2019.
  • Boosting State Advocacy
    Going into the Count phase, it is important to keep in mind the diversity of communities across the country. Census advocacy and organizing cannot be a one size fits all solution and therefore it is important to make sure state focused and regional efforts remain strong. Additionally, Census Counts has also created an interactive map library featuring state based advocacy materials that are available for use

Get Ready for Get Out the Count

Advocacy and Action

  • Take the Pledge and say #CountMeIn
    Pledge to be counted and to educate your community about the importance of the 2020 census.
  • Impact and Action
    • Get people to understand what social programs are impacted by the census. The undercount from the Census can have a grave impact. Without an accurate reflection of the population, funds for schools, social programs, and public infrastructure can be drastically cut. Help fight for better engagement on the census and better funding for social programs using this report on social programs and the census.
    • The Census impacts us in more ways than we can imagine, from political representation, to funding for schools and housing, and even the maintenance of roads and highways. To see how the census impacts you check out this fact sheet from Asian Americans Advancing Justice. 
    • See how the census impacts policies in your state using this database from the Census Project.
  • The Census and Redistricting  
    • The census directly impacts political power by deciding the amount of congressional districts allotted to individual states. In the past, States have lost congressional districts as a result of changes in the census. Make sure that your community is accurately represented in congress, and the redistricting process. Check out this guide on the Census and Redistricting for more information.

Resources for Phase 3: Watching the Count

  • NEW: EXPLAINING THE “99 PERCENT” 2020 CENSUS COUNTING GOAL: Why 99% Doesn’t Equal “Complete and Accurate” (And What Congress Must Do To Fix the Problem) Use this to guide you on how to understand the accuracy of the count this year.
  • NEW: TRACKING 2020 CENSUS NRFU COMPLETION RATES Use this resource to understand the current status of the Non Response Follow Up across the country
  • CUNY Center for Urban Research Response Rate Analysis (Updated Weekly)
    • Want to see how communities in your area are responding to the Census? The CUNY Center for Urban Research has created a weekly Response Rate Analysis consisting of information on specific states, as well as Hard to Count Community flags for the week. Use this map to see where your league’s GOTC strategy could be most effective.
  • Census Digital Help Desk
    • If you’re looking to get some input and support on your GOTC strategy. Check out the Census Digital Help Desk. Fill out this form and to get connected with specific resources, and to get advice from an expert on your GOTC work.
  • Reporting Fraudulent Information
    • Cybersecurity and the safety of census data is of utmost importance to all of us. If you or your community members see or receive any misleading or incorrect information about the 2020 Census, please report it to the link above.
  • Internet Self Response Fact Sheet and Slide Deck
    • Self response is the name of the game! As we continue our GOTC we want to do everything we can to organize our communities to fill the Census out from the comfort of their homes. Use the fact sheet and slide deck above to get more information about the self response process, and help train your people out on the field about why Self Response is important in ensuring a successful 2020 Census.
  • Response Challenge Toolkit  
    • A toolkit to help your local league track and elevate it’s response work. The kit will guide you on using the response map a long with some organizing strategies and tools to help meeting your response rate challenge.
  • ROAM Application
    • Response Outreach Area Mapper: This map designed by the Census Bureau will make it easy for you to identify areas that are hard to survey and have low response rates. This interactive application will be a great way to complement any of your organizing work. If you want a tutorial on how it works check out this fact sheet on ROAM.   

Talking Points

LWV Partnership with NALEO Education Fund

Tools & Templates

Resources from the U.S. Census Bureau

Media and Messaging

Media and Messaging:

  • Engaging journalists on the Census
    Are you planning on having members of the media attend your Get out the Count Event? Use this guide to help formulate some important talking points, and learn how to navigate and engage with the media on your #GetOutTheCountEfforts.

Blog Content

Letters to Congress and the Administration

Currently, the citizenship question has been removed from the 2020 Census and the League was instrumental in pushing back on the citizenship question. To learn how we got to victory, read the below record of letters we sent to Congress and the Administration around the harm that would occur if the question was included. 

Social Media Graphics

Use these graphics in both English and Spanish to promote the Census on your social media.

My community counts -
Mi comunidad cuenta -
You count. Get counted.
Tu cuentas. Hazte contar.
I pledge to be counted - 2020 Census -
Me comprometo a ser contado - Censo 2020 -