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Bylaws Committee

Bylaws Committee


The Bylaws Committee shall consist of five members, of whom three shall not be members of the national board.  The LWV President shall make the appointments at least six months prior to Convention.  Members will serve until the close of the next biennial Convention.


  • Review current bylaws and present changes they deem advisable to the national board.
  • Consider all proposed amendments submitted by state or local Leagues three months prior to Convention. 
  • Research and draft pros and cons and submit a recommendation for each proposed amendment to the national board for their evaluation at their March/April meeting prior to Convention.


  • The committee’s work shall be done by electronic mail and conference calls.
  • A member of the LWVUS Membership and League Support staff shall staff the committee.
  • The committee will not meet face-to-face; LWVUS will not underwrite the cost for committee members to attend meetings such as LWVUS Convention or Council.
  • A line item will be included in the LWVUS Convention budget for reimbursement of incidental costs associated with serving (copying, phone access charges) should a committee member request it.