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Before submitting your League's program planning form on Survey Gizmo, you may want to read over the instructions and questions below. These three pages include instructions, tips and questions.  


The deadline for submitting online report forms is March 1, 2018. No offline report forms will be accepted. The report form can be found here:  Be sure to have your League ID to fill out the form.

The program planning process is one of the ways through which the League focuses its grassroots work to align each part of the organization with the others and with the League's mission. Program planning will culminate with adoption of a program of education and action at LWVUS Convention 2018 in Chicago. The input of League boards will help shape the proposed program of study and action that will be submitted to convention delegates for debate and adoption. The program planning deadline is March 1, 2018. Each League is entitled to one response.

Before getting started make sure you have the following:

1) Your League's recommendations recorded and the comments pre-typed and ready to be cut and pasted into this form.

While you can type directly into the form, you will run the risk of timing out of the system if you spend too long on a single page.

2) Your League's ID (a five-digit code consisting of your two-letter state and 3 additional numbers) If you don't know this number, you can find it listed under Local Leagues on the LWVUS website.

3)  Name and contact information of the person filling out the form. (This form is NOT for individual members to share their suggestions. Please do not try to use this form to test the system. All information is included in the sample form below, Each League ID can ONLY be used once.)


When you complete and submit your form, you should receive a confirmation email from Survey Gizmo.

SAMPLE Survey Response Form

Are you ready to continue?

Do you have your League ID and recommendations ready to enter?


  1. Do you support the proposed program focus, continuing the Campaign for Making Democracy Work®? (Yes/No).
  2. Would you like to recommend another program item, in addition to or instead of the Campaign for Making Democracy Work®? (Yes/No) Please provide a statement (300 words or less) describing the scope of your proposal including a description of the issue area, its importance in advancing the League’s mission as well as resources needed to carry out the proposal.
  3. Which areas of the 2016-2018 national program priorities (Voting Rights, Improving Elections, Campaign Finance/Money in Politics, Redistricting, Other) within the Campaign for Making Democracy Work® has your League worked on during the current biennium? Please share details of your work in the comment section (300 words or less).
  4. Which League Positions does your League use to act at the state and local level?  Check all that apply. (Comment section 300 words) For more detail on LWVUS positions, see Resources section, p. 8.

LWVUS Positions

Citizen’s Right to Vote

DC Self-Government and Full Voting Representation



Money in Politics

Selection of the President

Citizen’s Right to Know/Citizen Participation

Individual Liberties

Constitutional Amendment Proposals

Constitutional Conventions

Public Policy on Reproductive Choices


The Presidency


United Nations


U.S. Relations with Developing Countries

Arms Control

Military Policy and Defense Spending

Natural Resources

Resource Management

Environmental Protection and Pollution Control

Air Quality


Land Use

Water Resources

Waste Management

Nuclear Issues

Public Participation

Agriculture Policy

Federal Agriculture Policies

Equal Rights

Education, Employment and Housing

Federal Role in Public Education

Tax Policy

Federal Deficit

Funding of Entitlements

Health Care


Meeting Basic Human Needs

Income Assistance

Support Services

Housing Supply

Child Care

Early Intervention for Children at Risk

Violence Prevention

Gun Control

Urban Policy

Death Penalty

Sentencing Policy

Human Trafficking

5. Comment Section: Additional comments: (300 words or less) on any aspect of program planning may be added here.