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Reflections on the 2018 Convention

Our 2018 Convention was one for the record books with over 1000 delegates and guests in attendance and the excitement for our 2020 Convention is already starting to build. Our goal for every Convention is to make it an exciting and education experience and a valuable opportunity for Leagues from around the country to connect. In July we sent out an evaluation to all Convention attendees so we can build on our successes and evaluate any changes we may need to make or problems we may need to solve. With approximately 400 responses we received invaluable data in helping us shape the future of our conventions. Below are some key points we’ve taken from the evaluations: 

  • The 2018 Convention was overall a positive experience for the attendees who responded with over 80% ranking it as Great or Good with a few changes needed to make it great. 98% would recommend the Convention to other League members. 

  • Close to 60% of the responders attended Convention for the first time and 70% of the responders are already planning to attend the 2020 Convention. 

  • A wide range of new to long time League members attended from 50% having been a member for 10 years or less to just under 30% having been a member for 20 years or more. 

  • When asked what you value most about the Convention the top choices were Caucuses/Info Sessions, Networking with other League members, and Plenary. In reviewing all of the responses and the comments attached there was a steady theme of wanting to maximize all opportunities for League members to learn from each other and find ways to connect on common goals and issues.  

As we look towards 2020 we are looking at all ways we can create a schedule and arrange logistics so that we are able to connect, conduct the business that needs to happen, be educated by outside speakers, trainers, and each other, and in this very special year celebrate our 100th year and build a foundation for the next 100.

The 2020 Convention will be held in Washington, DC from June 25 through 27.

If you have any additional comments or ideas you’d like to pass along for consideration please send them to [email protected].