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Report of the Election Audits Task Force

The Election Audits Task Force was convened in spring 2008 by President Mary Wilson with the charge to produce a report taking a comprehensive view of election audits. Audits should go beyond Election Day activities and functions, and examine all aspects of the election process. Leagues should find this report useful in talking with their legislatures and elections officials about election auditing. 

Leagues working on legislation that contain election audit provisions and preparing publicity pieces, testimony on proposed state legislation, or talking papers to give to election officials, should feel free to use some statements about the report from LWVUS Mary G. Wilson in your materials. 

"The report points to the many complexities in designing an effective election audit system," said Mary G. Wilson. "The details matter, and this report indicates key areas where attention to detail is particularly important," she said. "For example, valid statistical sampling is essential, yet some election auditing systems choose a fixed percentage of precincts to audit. As the report makes clear, choosing a fixed percentage of precincts is not statistically valid," Wilson said. "Caution and care are needed to ensure that our election systems work effectively," Wilson said. 

The members of the Task Force were: Judy Duffy, co-chair and LWVUS 2nd vice president; Norman Turrill, co-chair and LWVUS Board member; Ed Gracely, LWVNJ; Mark Halvorson, LWV of Minneapolis, MN; Barbara Hankins, LWV of Montgomery Co, MD; Kurt Miller, LWV of Shaker Heights, OH; Lu Pierson, LWVMD president; and Barbara Simons, LWV of Los Altos/Mountain View, CA. The Task Force received LWVUS staff support from Lloyd Leonard, senior director of Advocacy. Each of these members brought their experience and expertise to the League for this effort. This was a large and complex assignment, and these members deserve our immense gratitude for their hard work on behalf of the LWV!