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VOTE411: Opportunities for Participation!


Tools and Features is an invaluable resource for election information, with state-by-state resources that will help you answer many questions. These resources include a polling place finder (which will be updated for the general election), a voter registration tool, information about candidates and ballot measures and much more.

If you have any questions please contact Megan Brown, Elections Coordinator at [email protected]

Be a Part of This Preeminent Resource

State and local Leagues are known for their expertise on local election rules and regulations and for their work to prepare voters for Election Day. We encourage all Leagues to check their state’s information and provide LWVEF with any input that could help us improve the information provided. We also encourage you to send us information about your upcoming debates and other election events so they can be promoted through VOTE411.

Promote VOTE411 in your community!

Leagues are using to build visibility and stand out in their communities—and with hundreds of thousands of voters expected to visit us this year, you won’t want to miss out. Here are four ideas to try:

  • Incorporate VOTE411 into your email messages and your website. Click here to add a VOTE411 widget to your League’s website. 
  • Promote VOTE411’s online voter registration tool to help new voters fill out, print, and send their completed forms to local elections officials.
  • Submit information regarding your candidate debates and forums. Submit it early so we have time to feature your great work!
  • Remind individuals to visit as part of your League’s outgoing voicemail message and/or in the signature line of your email!

Voters’ Guide Software

With this online tool, state and local Leagues can gather and publish candidate information with greater ease, consistency and visibility. This software allows your League to:

  • Cover any state or local race or ballot measure.
  • Publish an online Voters’ Guide for your community in an easy-to-use electronic format.
  • Invite your local candidates to participate, using a custom email tool that gives your League the ability to automatically personalize each email while sending out invitations to several candidates at once!
  • Track the progress of your data collection with the easy-to-use tracker tool.
  • Strengthen partnerships with elections officials and media outlets by producing accurate, consistent information each election cycle.
  • Download all data entered into VOTE411 for formatting into a traditional printed Voters’ Guide.

To get started using the online Voters’ Guide software you need to:

1)     Participate in a webinar on the software (see below for archived webinars).

2)     Contact LWVEF to discuss the type of participation you're interested in - e.g. statewide, local, through state legislature, etc. so we can determine the cost-share.

3)     LWVEF will set up an account for your League and email you a username and password. After you receive your username and password, you are welcome to log on to’s Voters’ Guide software, test out the product and get used to its tools and functions.

Online Voters’ Guide Software Training and Resources

LWVEF has hosted several webinars relating to the Voters' Guide software to assist Leagues in utilizing this product: 

Download the Spreadsheet Upload sample file and the Importing Races through a Spreadsheet sample file.

You can also look at the Voter Guide How-To for step-by-step instructions on how to create your voter guide on