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Fundraising Training Modules

Fundraising training modules are designed for League leaders to grow their League's capacity and impact through effective fundraising. Raising money for a nonprofit starts with telling your story. These modules will help Leagues create and develop their story and apply hands-on tools for implementing effective fundraising initiatives.

For any questions on this curriculum, or if you'd like to share your fundraising success stories, contact [email protected].


1. Fundraising for the League's Mission

Learn about national giving trends, why people give to LWV, who typically gives donations, and why the League is uniquely positioned to empower voters and defend democracy. In this module, you will learn how to write an effective email appeal.  
Intended audience: Members who are new to fundraising


2. Board's Role in Fundraising

Learn how to build a culture of philanthropy in your League, what the fundraising process is, and learn how to work through a strategic plan and budget that prioritizes the League’s impact. 
Intended audience: Board members, staff, and members new to fundraising


3. Telling the League's Story of Impact

Learn what a case for support is and how it is used to illustrate the League’s story of impact. In this module, you will learn how to adapt the League’s case for support and how to write a direct mail appeal. 
Intended audience: Members who are new to fundraising, and members who plan to start a direct mail program and/or work with foundations and individual donors. 


4. Individual Gifts and Making the Ask

Learn best practices for making an ask as well as how to make an ask for a gift. In this module, you will also learn how to host an ask event. 
Intended audience: Members who are new to and experienced with fundraising. 


5. People-Powered Fundraising

Learn about crowdfunding, phone-a-thons, and giving societies. This module will give you the steps to hosting a successful phone-a-thon for your League’s next people powered fundraiser.
Intended audience: Members who are new to fundraising and experienced fundraisers.