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Sample Fundraising Appeals

General League Fundraising Appeal 

Fundraising letter should be easy to read and tell a compelling story of your work.  It is best practice to include a first name and personalize to your league as much as possible.  Use the opportunity to brag about all the amazing work you are doing.  The letter below is one example of a general fundraising appeal.  Tip: November is the best month to send letters.   

Download the  Sample Letter for Leagues.

California’s 2017 Year-End Appeal 

The links below are sample appeals from the California State League of Women Voters.  These emails were themed with the direct mail appeal that was sent to homes in late 2017.  Permission has been given to state Leagues to use this idea in future appeals.   

Email 1: Dark Money

Email 2: Adventure Continues

Email 3: Tax Loophole of Doom

Download LWVC's end-of-year direct mail appeal.

Below is an example of LWVC's year-end direct mail appeal envelope: