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100th Anniversary Activities for Leagues

The 100th anniversary of our organization and the 19th Amendment offers LWVUS opportunities to work with national groups to recognize the strides made over the past century, while sharing the diverse stories of our members, celebrating the power of women voters, and setting our sights into the next century.  Local and state Leagues are encouraged to use the milestones in 2020 to celebrate their state’s role in enhancing voting rights for women, raise their profile, fund-raise, and grow their local numbers.  

Here are some of the activities and opportunities LWVUS is hard at work planning in connection to the 19th Amendment anniversary as well as the League’s 100th anniversary next year. LWVUS staff will update this page as new resources become available. Please bookmark this page and stay tuned to the League Update newsletter every other Thursday for more official announcements and information in the coming months.

Birthday Celebration

In April 2019, the board committed to developing a League-wide day of action for February 14, 2020. The board committed to the theme of ‘Women Power the Vote.’ Goals and activities will be developed in the coming months for state and local Leagues to participate in this high-visibility opportunity. We know some Leagues already have plans in place for the February 14th organization ‘birthday,’ while others are looking for more support. This day of action will complement any existing plans Leagues may have, staying true to our brand, and offering all Leagues the opportunity for engagement and celebration in honor of our centennial. 

Digital Campaign

LWVUS has also developed a digital (online) campaign, called She Is Me, to increase brand awareness, celebrate the diversity of our members,  and engage new audiences tied to our upcoming 100th anniversary. The She Is Me campaign features personal League stories and connects different external audiences across generations and backgrounds. This campaign will launch in August 2019, in connection with the 19th Amendment anniversary, and will run through the 2020 election cycle. 

LWVUS has developed a She Is Me toolkit that outlines the purpose and goals of the campaign, and features social media posts, customizable graphics, and portrait photography guidelines so that Leagues can participate at many different levels.

Tool Kit & Other Tools

Not only is LWVUS providing a tool kit with its digital campaign, but we are also updating the existing 100th Anniversary toolkit in time for Council in June 2019. These upgrades are intended to supplement Leagues' existing plans and provide additional resources.

Additionally, Leagues may use any images on the LWVUS Flickr site for their celebrations and campaigns. The LWVUS Flickr includes historical photos as well as contemporary photos, which Leagues may download and use without attribution or other requirements.

Convention 2020

Our national convention in June 2020 (in Washington DC) is another great opportunity to celebrate, increase our visibility, advocate for our priorities, and still have time to do our biannual business.  LWVUS staff have been conducting outreach in hopes of bringing in a major keynote speaker. 


Additionally, a variety of opportunities and partnerships are available related to the 19th Amendment Anniversary in 2020. The National Archives has an exhibit opening next month called Rightfully Hers that features THE 19th Amendment document. The League is also featured in this very high-profile exhibit with historical documents that will be on display to the public until January 2021. We are also proud to have our CEO Virginia Kase included on their honorary committee and are in conversation with the Archives about other opportunities for collaboration. The Archives will have a traveling exhibit, and LWVUS is working with them to make some materials available to Leagues in the coming months. 


The Women's Vote Centennial Initiative (WVCI) is a collaborative of organizations and individuals committed to preserving and honoring women's suffrage history. The League of Women Voters is a WVCI Taskforce partner, meaning that your League is too. This organization has a lot of resources for suffrage celebration, including an interactive toolkit. WVCI is looking to feature events and activities in all 50 states. If you are interested in promoting a local or state League suffrage project, you can submit your information here