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Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web: People don’t read online the same way that they read paper in their hands. Learn the essential differences and how to write for your website, email, and social media so that your writing gets read, and not ignored! We’ll explore techniques such as chunking your text, writing great headlines, and making your action items clearly stand out. This is part three of a fun, interactive, and practical 3-part communications training series made especially for the League by the Nonprofit Marketing Guide.


Kivi Leroux Miller

President, Nonprofit Marketing

Stephanie Drahan

Senior New Media Manager, LWVUS

Jennifer Waggoner

Director, League Easy Web Project (LEW)

Kristina Leroux

Community Engagement Manager, Nonprofit Marketing

**Because of problems with YouTube, we shared this this video on a different site, We will try to upload it to YouTube, but are having technical difficulties.**