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League Basics

The League of Women Voters is a volunteer organization that does a professional job. The League tackles important public issues and is a respected, trusted asset in cities and towns across the country. League leaders empower others to define and accomplish goals—for themselves, for the organization, for their communities, and for the nation. Through these goals, the organization fulfills its mission and grows.

Throughout its history, the League of Women Voters has been a dynamic, changing organization, adapting procedures to meet current and future needs. League leaders make their communities stronger, healthier, and more vibrant. This handbook (available as a PDF at the bottom of this article) and the additional information available on the League Management Site are essential tools to help League leaders be more effective and to help make the organization more effective.

While there are fundamental similarities among Leagues everywhere, each League has its own special characteristics. The size, distribution and demographics of membership; time and money resources; and community/state issues all affect the structure and operations of a League.

League Basics contains essential policy and organizational information applicable to every local and state League.