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Recruitment & Engagement

Information to assist in attracting new members and encouraging active member involvement.

Recruitment & Engagement In Depth

We are excited to announce the first major release for Roster Manager Portal 2. This release contains the following features and enhancements which are based on feedback received from Roster Managers. 

Any League member who has a passion for and interest in building the League and mentoring League leaders may apply to become a Ruth S. Shur Fellow. Current members of the LWVUS Board or currently sitting State League Presidents may not apply for this position. Please note that being a Ruth S. Shur Fellow is a two-year commitment; League members who would like to pursue being an LWVUS Board member or State President in the next two years should not apply for this position.

The Shur Fellows team is comprised of dynamic and dedicated volunteers from across the country who are selected and trained to support state and local leaders.

The MLD Handbook or MLD Binder. Created originally for the Membership & Leadership Development program or MLD.

Effective immediately, LWVUS will not be charging PMP for any students through January 2021, regardless of state or local League participation.

A collection of previous guidances for Shur Fellows.

Guidance on being highly visible

Training materials created through the Membership & Leadership Development (MLD). 

The Ruth S. Shur Fellows are a dynamic and dedicated group of volunteers selected from across the country to act as National Coaches.

The Young People's Task Force (YPTF) was created as a collaborative effort between LWVUS President Elisabeth MacNamara and LWVUS staff in response to Leagues’ desire to attract the next generation of League leaders. This document is the first in a series of pieces that the Task Force has created to help Leagues understand this important demographic and the ways in which young people can help invigorate the League. 

All 50 states and the District of Columbia have been invited to receive coaching from the Ruth S. Shur Fellows national coaching team and participate in the succesful membership and leadership development program (based on the successful Membership Recruitment Initiative). The Fellows mentor and develop relationships with state coaching teams who, in turn, coach local Leagues in best practices to recruit new members, gain visibility in the community, and develop new leaders.

This handbook will address aspects of a League Nominating Committee including, Finding Leaders, FAQs, Job Description, Process, Work Plan, Succession Planning, Templates and More!

The national League board has created a listing of best practices as a way of sharing techniques for running your League successfully. The list is meant to be a reference for organization and planning. For more information on League best practices contact the LWVUS membership team.

LWV hosted its first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training webinar on October 30. This page includes a recording of that webinar and other resources.