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2020-2022 LWVUS Board of Directors Members and Officers Job Descriptions

As the League of Women Voters approaches its 100th anniversary, the organization continues to empower voters and defend democracy in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This grassroots organization, with more than 750 affiliates, is working to transform itself to ensure its continued strength and vitality in its second century and beyond. Through its strategic guidance and oversight, the Board of Directors plays a vital role in defining and ensuring the League’s future success.

League board members have core organizational responsibilities, including

  • To make decisions on behalf of LWVUS, putting the interests of the organization before their personal and professional interests
  • To work collaboratively and embrace different perspectives
  • To fulfill legal responsibility of ensuring that the organization complies with the applicable federal, state, and local laws and adheres to its mission
  • To support and affirm the organization’s mission impact
  • To serve as a liaison to select state Leagues
  • To serve on Board committees as assigned
  • To work collaboratively with LWVUS staff as assigned

Specific Roles and Expectations


  • Ensure adequate financial resources are available for the League’s mission.
  • Review and understand LWVUS financial statements.
  • Understand and approve the League’s national budget ensuring that the budget reflects the overall strategic direction and advances the long-term fiscal health of the League.
  • Ensure that the appropriate annual audit is performed.
  • Ensure that there is an investment risk policy and that it is followed.
  • Financially support the organization (as appropriate to an individual’s means).

Strategic Planning

  • Provide assistance in developing, approving, and supporting organizational strategy.
  • Annually evaluate the LWVUS using performance measurement metrics developed by the CEO and approved by the Board.
  • Develop the strength of the board itself through training, self-assessment, and board education.

Chief Executive Officer Oversight

  • Select and hire a chief executive officer (CEO) to oversee and manage daily operations.
  • Provide support and guidance to the CEO.
  • Evaluate the performance of the CEO on a yearly basis.

Duties of the LWVUS Board President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary are outlined in Article VII of the LWVUS bylaws.