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Approval of Program Proposals

The following questions shall guide the LWVUS/LWVEF board in determining whether the LWVUS/LWVEF should undertake, endorse, or otherwise participate in a proposed program, project or activity.  This includes programs to be developed by the LWVUS or LWVEF as well as those initiated by other organizations.

1.   To what extent will the program

•     further the mission and vision of the LWVUS/LWVEF?

•     further a current LWVUS/LWVEF priority?

•     contribute to the League's diversity efforts?

2.   In what way(s) will the program contribute to the organizational strength of the League? 

•     Will it enhance the League's visibility with the media, the public, diverse populations, other organizations and/or government officials?

•     Will it provide resources (training, materials, funding) to assist state/local Leagues?

•     Will it stimulate membership growth?

•     Does it have the potential to build long-term funding resources?  

•     Will it position the LWVUS/LWVEF as a leader, either in civic engagement in general or on a public policy issue in particular?

3.   What resources will the program require—from the national office, the LWVUS/LWVEF board and state/local Leagues—and are these resource demands appropriate, given existing organizational priorities and needs at all levels?

4.   Have the costs associated with the program been adequately detailed and have realistic sources of funds been secured or identified?

5.   Does the program have potentially achievable results by which the League's effectiveness can be assessed?

6.   If the program is to be a collaborative one, does the League have confidence in the leadership of the other organization(s)?