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Campaign Policy for Candidates for LWVUS Office

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that campaigns for LWVUS office are conducted in a fair, professional and open manner and to enable the membership to make informed decisions about the leadership of the LWVUS.

A. Persons Covered By This Policy

A.1. All candidates for LWVUS office (i.e., officers, directors, and nominating committee members) are subject to the provisions of this Campaign Policy.

A.2. The term "candidates for LWVUS office" shall include candidates nominated by the LWVUS Nominating Committee and any alternate slate or alternate individual candidates standing for election to LWVUS office.A "slate" is defined as two or more persons running or working together for election to LWVUS office.

B. Administration

B.1. A staff member in the LWVUS national office (hereinafter "the administrator") will be appointed in January of the convention year to handle the administrative responsibilities associated with this policy, including directing all candidates for LWVUS office to access this Campaign Policy.All candidates for LWVUS office shall complete an online Fair Campaign Practices Pledge form and disclosure of contributions and expenses forms.

C. The Fair Campaign Practices Pledge

C.1. All candidates, both those nominated by the LWVUS Nominating Committee and any alternate candidates standing for election, shall be notified by the administrator of the need to sign a Fair Campaign Practices Pledge. Signed pledges shall reside on the Convention area of the LWVUS website.

D. Campaign Costs

D.1. The costs associated with all activities promoting the election of a candidate (e.g., mailings, phone calls, campaign websites, buttons, brochures, fliers) shall be borne by the candidate or slate incurring those costs. Costs include all expenses starting February 1 until the election.

D.2. Any candidate may make a one-time request to receive an electronic file of contact information for state, local and inter League organization presidents at no cost.

D.3. Candidates, including incumbents, shall not ask LWVUS office staff to assist in any way in the promotion of their candidacies, nor shall they use LWVUS office supplies for their campaigns.

D.4. Convention expenses for alternate candidates who are not otherwise eligible for reimbursement will not be reimbursed.

E. Campaign Contributions and Expenditures

E.1. Campaign contributions may be solicited from individual League members and non-members.State Leagues, local Leagues and inter-League organizations shall not make any contribution or expenditure in relation to an election.

E.2. Individual contributions, including personal contributions from candidates to their own campaigns, shall not exceed $50 in cash or in-kind/pro bono contributions per candidate per election.Expenditures in relation to an election (those expended by the candidate themselves as well as those spent on their behalf) shall not exceed $1,000 per candidate per election.

E.3. Income and expenses for candidates running as a slate may be split evenly among those candidates.Individual contributions to a slate shall not exceed the number of candidates multiplied by $50.Expenditures for the slate shall not exceed the number of candidates multiplied by $1,000.

E.4. Prior to the opening plenary session of the convention, LWVUS nominees and any declared alternate candidates (or their respective slates) shall file a preliminary financial report using the form in the Convention area of the LWVUS website.This report shall list all contributors and their contributions, including in-kind and pro bono, and all campaign expenses incurred, including use of electronic communications, rental of easels, printing of flyers, etc.

E.5. Financial reports displaying all contributions and expenditures, including in-kind and pro bono, must be accounted for on the website as they occur during the convention.

E.6. In-kind and pro bono contributions shall be treated in the same manner as cash contributions.An in-kind and pro bono contribution is the transfer of any type of asset other than cash and includes products and services.A fair market value must be attributed to all in-kind and pro bono contributions.

E.7. Candidates whose names are placed in nomination from the floor are expected to follow all the same procedures immediately upon being nominated.

E.8. All materials posted on the website shall be accessible to all League members, delegates, and convention attendees.

F. Communications Concerning Candidates and Campaigns

F.1. Candidates nominated by the LWVUS Nominating Committee shall be featured in the convention workbook, on the LWVUS website and in other official announcements.Alternate slates and alternate individual candidates will not be included in these official announcements.

F.2. This policy will be made available to all League presidents with the report from the LWVUS Nominating Committee.The policy shall also be posted in the Convention area of the LWVUS website.

G. Campaign Oversight Committee

G.1. In January of convention years, the administrator will submit names of potential appointees to a Campaign Oversight Committee to the LWVUS Board of Directors.The potential appointees shall be former national board members or former state League presidents, each from a different state.The LWVUS Board shall appoint three League leaders to serve on the Campaign Oversight Committee and shall designate one of these as committee chair.

G.2. The Campaign Oversight Committee shall monitor all campaign activities of all candidates for LWVUS office before and during the convention.This includes making arrangements for a candidate forum at convention and issuing a final report to the board and the membership, as described below.

G.3. In accepting appointment to the Campaign Oversight Committee, the members agree to remain neutral and to refrain from any activities that might be perceived as favoring one candidate over another.Members of the committee may not serve as convention delegates.

G.4. In the event more than one candidate stands for a given office, the Campaign Oversight Committee shall develop a format for a candidate forum at convention, select a neutral moderator for the forum and determine the method of questioning the candidates.The committee will share this information with all declared candidates at least two weeks prior to convention, but reserves the right to change the format depending upon whether or not alternate candidates are nominated.

G.5. After convention the Campaign Oversight Committee shall submit to the LWVUS Board and Governance Committee a report concerning its activities and any changes they suggest be made to the procedures of the campaign oversight process.

G.6. The LWVUS shall pay convention expenses (e.g., registration, travel, and hotel) for the chair of the Campaign Oversight Committee, in accordance with the policies for board and off-board attendance at LWVUS Conventions/Councils.

H. Campaign Activities at Convention

H.1. Except for the candidates themselves, campaign buttons and other campaign paraphernalia shall not be worn on the convention dais during plenary sessions or by facilitators and moderators at workshops and Q&A sessions.Campaign buttons and campaign paraphernalia shall not be worn by the Campaign Oversight Committee and the Election Committee at any time.

H.2. Any League member, including members of the Nominating Committee, may actively promote the election of the candidate(s) of his/her choice.

H.3. If requested, space for campaign materials for the LWVUS nominated slate and for alternate candidates will be provided.

H.4. If requested, meeting rooms for the LWVUS nominated slate and alternate candidates will be provided.

I. Other Items

I.1. These Campaign Policies apply only to candidates for LWVUS office and do not apply to issue campaigns.

I.2. Whenever possible, candidates shall seek permission from a delegate before using his/her image or likeness in any campaign material or on social media. Candidates also will remove/take down an image if that individual requests it.