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Guidelines for Major in State Initiatives

In General

From time to time, the LWVUS/EF may undertake major advocacy, educational, visibility or membership campaigns or initiatives in one or more states. Major initiatives may enhance the League's effectiveness in achieving its educational, advocacy and organizational goals or further a current program or organizational priority. All aspects of major initiatives must be consistent with LWVUS/EF bylaws, policies, and positions.

Consultation with State and Local Leagues

In advance of the launching of a major initiative, the LWVUS/EF Board and staff shall do the necessary consultation and appropriate pre-planning with the state Leagues directly involved in the initiative.

The LWVUS/EF will brief state League presidents on the rationale and scope of the initiative. The consultation may include communicating, coordinating and reinforcing the League's activities and/or message, and ensuring that the League speaks with one voice.

Information will be shared with state League(s) first, and unless otherwise directed by the state League leadership, the LWVUS/EF will work to ensure that appropriate supporting materials are prepared and distributed in a timely manner to state and local League leaders. Materials will be designed to help League leaders understand and assist in the initiative at the state and local level as appropriate. Examples of materials include information and response templates, additional factsheets, press releases, model letters to the editor and other substantive documents prepared in support of the initiative.

The LWVUS/EF will work to help ensure that appropriate spokespersons are identified and briefed on the initiative.

The LWVUS/EF will inform the LWVUS Lobby Corps members and the Ruth M. Shur Fellows of any major in-state initiatives in a timely manner.

Monitoring and Results

The LWVUS/EF will monitor the progress of major initiatives, including implementation challenges and successes, internal feedback and external response, and level of impact at the national, state and local levels. As initiatives progress, the information obtained may lead to adjustments.