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Nonpartisan Policy

The League of Women Voters does not support or oppose any political party or candidate. However, the LWVUS/EF Board values the many skills and types of experience that individual board members bring to the League, including those learned in public life through elective or appointive office. In fact, involvement in the public and political life of this country is something that the League of Women Voters recommends for all citizens and other members of the public.

Nevertheless, the LWVUS/EF Board believes that some basic limitations on board members’ political activity, while they are serving in this capacity, are necessary to protect the nonpartisanship of the League as an organization.  Other than in their official capacity, the President shall not engage in any political activity, partisan or nonpartisan, including attending political fundraising events.

In order to balance these goals, the LWVUS/EF Board adopts the following policy.  This policy shall be reviewed and amended or readopted by the LWVUS/EF Board at the beginning of each new biennium.

1.  Elected Office.   A Board member shall not run for, nor hold, any partisan elective office at any level of government. A Board member may run for or hold a local non-partisan elective office, after consultation with and approval by the LWVUS/EF Board and the president of the affected local League.

2.  Political Party Office. A Board member shall not serve in any official position in a political party at any level of government.

3.  Political Campaigns.  A Board member shall not chair a political campaign or administer fundraising for a political campaign, chair a campaign event, be a spokesperson, or work in any other significant way in the campaign of a candidate for a partisan office at any level of government.

4.  Campaign Contributions.  A Board member shall not make campaign contributions to campaigns or candidates for any federal office or to political parties or other entities contributing to such federal races.

5.  Social and Other Media.  A Board member shall not indicate their political affiliations or candidate preferences at any level of government in the media, including on social networking sites or other public venues that also prominently identify them as a member of the LWVUS/EF Board.

6.  Additional Clarification.   Board members shall present questions about specific situations to the LWVUS/EF Board where the foregoing policies do not resolve the question.