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LWVUS/LWVEF board meeting minutes will be posted on the League’s website after approval.

The official minutes of LWVUS/LWVEF board meetings and executive committee meetings shall be kept in chronological order and maintained in the national office for ten years, after which they may be transferred to the archives.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall retain copies of board and executive committee meeting minutes for two years and shall pass the last two years of these to her/his successor.  

Minutes of executive sessions of the LWVUS/LWVEF Board of Directors/Trustees and of the Executive Committee shall be maintained by the Secretary-Treasurer for a period of seven years.  At the end of her/his term of office, the Secretary-Treasurer shall pass any executive session minutes in her/his possession to her/his successor.

Financial Records

All LWVUS/LWVEF financial records shall be maintained for a minimum of seven years in permanent files in the national office.  These records shall include, at a minimum, records of deposits, cancelled checks, payroll records, invoices, tax returns and related records, and audit reports.

Copies of all contracts shall be maintained in the national office for the length of the contract plus seven years.

Personnel Files

Personnel files shall be maintained in the national office for a minimum of seven years after staff members' term of employment with the LWVUS/LWVEF has ended.