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Roles and Responsibilities of LWVUS/LWVEF Committee Chairs Purposes of Committees

1. To develop and funnel creative ideas so that the best rise to the top and to communicate those ideas to board or staff, as appropriate.

2. To consider whether sufficient staff and financial resources are available to carry out projects/programs to achieve the desired result.

3. To develop options and make recommendations on plans, policies and priorities for board consideration.

4. To outline pros and cons for full board deliberation and action.

5. To consider and determine how to respond to concerns voiced by members and/or the public regarding the policies and programs the committee oversees.


1. Be knowledgeable about the subject content for which the committee is responsible.

2. Establish committee meeting agendas with input from committee members and senior management.

3. Confer with senior management in determining materials needed for committee and board briefings.

4. Chair committee meetings.

• Come to meetings prepared and manage the committee's agenda within the allotted time frame.

• Practice good facilitation skills; handle conflicts and make sure all views are heard.

• Present committee report/recommendations to the full boards.

• Advise President/Chair on issues related to committee actions between board meetings.

• Provide information to and confer with committee members between board meetings.

• Appoint subcommittees of the full committee as appropriate.