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Pro and Con Considerations of  Voter Representation / Electoral Systems

Pro and Con Considerations


Voter Representation / Electoral Systems

(Proposed concurrence from multiple state positions) Date March 2019






After 100 years, it is a good time for the League of Women Voters to have a position on Voter Representation.

After 100 years, the LWV doesn’t need a position

on Voter Representation.

This proposed concurrence provides a clear but flexible base of preferred principles (from 15 state positions) for evaluating electoral options to enhance voter representation.

The numerous criteria included are very broad, and, as an entire group, not easily achieved.

This position does not support one particular electoral system, but allows options for local jurisdictions.

This position doesn’t specifically name or support a best electoral system, which could be helpful to members.

Along with representation, it makes sense for the League of Women VOTERS to have a position on how we VOTE in our leaders.

As with representation, the LWV doesn’t need a position on HOW we elect our leaders, We have functioned without it for 100 years.

The LWV does not have a position that supports or opposes ANY electoral system. Electoral options are needed to improve voter representation.

While the LWV does not have a position on the current winner-take-all plurality system, it is familiar to voters.

Position is in line with LWV mission & principles on representative government. How we elect our leaders has a direct effect on voter representation.

Position introduces too many issues for one position.

This position recognizes that the electoral systems we use can enhance or deny representation just as much as who draws district lines, and how they are drawn.  With this

position, both issues are addressed.

Redistricting reform with Independent redistricting commissions drawing the lines will help voters be represented.

The primary points of contact for state and local Leagues will be Dr. Barbara Klein  and Paula Lee. All questions regarding this concurrence should be directed to them at the following emails.