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Recommended Concurrence from LWVUS Board for 2020-22 Program Planning

Additional guidance regarding program planning will come out this fall, following our usual timeline, but the LWVUS Board is excited to share that they voted to recommend the concurrence on the electoral process that was shared with state leaders earlier this year by a group of dedicated volunteers. 

Taking this action now gives Leagues nearly one year to consider the concurrence and the opportunity to fold evaluating the concurrence into your regular program planning process. Additional information about the concurrence is being made available on the League Management Site. The primary point of contacts for state and local Leagues will be Dr. Barbara Klein  and Paula Lee. All questions regarding this concurrence should be directed to them at the following emails.

This action is a pilot as the LWVUS Board explores new ways to adopt and/or update LWVUS positions. We will evaluate how this process works and report back to leaders after the 2020 Convention.

The language of the proposed concurrence can be found here.

Terminology for Concurrence on Voter Representation / Electoral Systems can be found here.

A pro and con for consideration of the proposed concurrence can be found here.