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Roster Manager Portal FAQ

What’s a Roster Manager? 

A Roster Manager is an individual appointed by their League to periodically log in to the Roster Manager Portal and ensure their League’s information and membership roster remain up to date.  Frequently the League Treasure takes on the role of Roster Manager, but each League gets to decide on the approach that fits them best.  The membership information provided through the LWVUS Roster Manager portal is used for a variety of purposes including helping prospective members find a League and contact League officers, documenting voting rights at Convention, ensuring members get LWVUS e-newsletters, and assessing Per-Member Payment obligations.  

I heard there is a new Roster Manager Portal? 

In 2014 LWVUS migrated to a new system for storing membership information and Roster Manager Portal: Version 1 was implemented.  In the Fall of 2018 Roster Manager Portal: Version 2 will be rolled out.  Version 2 has been designed to offer an improved and easier-to-use experience by incorporating the thousands of pieces of user feedback received over the last several years. 

Version 2 is the first step in a larger plan to improve technology for all Leagues and reduce administrative burden associated with membership administration. 

Will there be two portals?  Will I be able to use both? 

For a time – yes – there will be two portals; however, Roster Managers will not have to use both.  The old Portal (Version 1) is being left online to help ensure Leagues make a smooth transition to the new Portal (Version 2).  However, once a League’s Roster Managers have been transitioned to the new Portal, they will not be able to return to the old one.  The feedback we have received so far from test and pilot users suggest that it is unlikely anyone would want to return to Version 1.   

When will the new Roster Manager Portal: Version 2 be available? 

We will begin upgrading State Roster Managers to Version 2 in mid-October on a voluntary basis.  Roster managers will be able to request the upgrade through the current portal.  Additional information will be sent to roster managers via email and through the League Update.   

Throughout the Fall we will be taking and processing requests for upgrades through the existing Version 1 portal.  However, we will not be able to upgrade local Leagues until after their State League has been upgraded to Version 2. 

More detailed information on the rollout will be available closer to the launch date. 

Is there anything I need to do to get ready? 

There is nothing for you to do and you do not need to be available for the upgrade. We will handle all the heavy lifting with and ensure all your League’s existing information, officers, and membership roster are safely and securely brought over to Version 2.   

What types of training will be offered?  Will there still be lengthy YouTube Videos?

The new portal was designed to have a modern and intuitive interface to greatly reduce the learning curve users experience with the current portal.  The goal is that the experience should be familiar enough and intuitive enough that most users will not require any training.  That said, a knowledge base will be available directly from the portal to provide users with instructions on how to use the platform.  As more Roster Managers upgrade to the new Portal, additional context-specific assistance may be added to the platform as needed.

I use Internet Explorer; will I be able to use the new portal?

No.  The new portal was designed to work with modern web browsers on either a desktop or laptop computer.  If you access the new portal through Internet Explorer, you will experience poor performance and technical issues that may impact your League’s member data.  However, Microsoft’s modern browser—Microsoft Edge—is now fully supported by the platform.  In addition, you may also use either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple’s Safari (for Mac users) when working in the portal.  

My League has multiple Roster Managers. If I decide to upgrade, can they stay in the old portal?

No.  Upgrades to the new portal are handled at the League level.  If one Roster Manager is upgraded, so are all the rest.  If your League has more than one Roster Manager, please make sure to coordinate with them about the upcoming change prior to marking your League as ready to upgrade.

How do I know if I am eligible to upgrade to the new Roster Manager Portal?

All state Leagues are eligible to upgrade.  Once a state League has upgraded, all of the local Leagues associated to that State are then eligible to upgrade.   If you are unsure of your eligibility, please reach out to Roster Support.

I’m eligible to upgrade; how do I indicate I am ready to upgrade to the new Roster Manager Portal?

The upgrade process is not immediate and usually takes several business days to complete.  By performing the instructions below, your League will be placed in a queue for Roster Support to process. 

To initiate the upgrade process, log in to the current portal and navigate to your League’s record.  Under Account Information and on the right-hand side of the page you’ll see a checkbox labeled “Upgrade to New Portal”.  Double click the checkbox (You may also select the pencil icon to the right of the box ) to make the checkbox editable.  Click the checkbox so that a check appears within the checkbox.  Then click the save button.  

Upgrade to New Portal

Once Roster Support has upgraded your account, they will reach out to you and let you know that the process is complete.