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Shur Fellows Guidances on Opportunities

Monthly Guidance on Opportunities

Below is a collection of previous guidances for Shur Fellows.

If you are having trouble with the PDFs or would like a different version of the file, please contact Christina Davis at [email protected] In the case of PDFs not opening, please try a different web browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, etc...) first.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Unconscious Bias, September 2018

Volunteer Recruitment, October 2018

DEI Definitions, March 2019

Able-Bodied Privilege and Accessible Event Planning, April 2019


Intergenerational Engagement, June 2018

Promoting Student Engagement, May 2018

Civility: Aiding our Impact, April 2018

The Changing Democracy Space, January 2018

Action Opportunities For New Volunteers, November 2017

Encourage Local League Volunteers to Take Action, October 2017

Inclusion & Engagement, September 2017

Creative Calendaring, August 2017

A Culture That Welcomes Engagers, May 2017

The Value of Data, September 2016

Engaging the Community II, June 2016

Engaging the Community, May 2016

360 Degree Look at Calendaring for 365 Days, September/October 2015

Calendaring Part II, September/October 2015

The Essential Pair - A Good Story + an Ask, November 2014

Nominating Committees, March 2014

Membership Renewal, December 2013

Reaching Out On Campus, November 2013

Sustainability, October 2013

Collaboration, September 2013

Nonpartisanship, August 2013

Planning the New Year, July 2013

Annual Meetings, February 2013

Following up with Prospects, October 2012

Welcoming New Members/Engaging New Leaders, September 2012

Fundraising, June 2012

Leadership Development

Leadership: Advocating For Your Position, August 2018

Leadership: Transitions, July 2018

Strategy Screen, February 2018

Flexible Leadership, July 2017

Turning New Members Into New Leaders, June 2017

Leveraging Post-Election Volunteer Interest, January 2017

Engaging with New Local Leadership, April 2015

Building a Leaderful Organization, March 2015

Leadership Development, February 2015

Engaging Members = Moving Individuals Onto & Up the Leadership Ladder, April 2014

Leadership Transitions, May 2013

Building a Leadership Pool, December 2012



Coaching Tip: The Power of Data

Change in League, June 2015

GROW ME Model for Local Leagues, October 2014

GROW ME Model for Coaches, October 2014

Coaching Tip: A Good Story + an ASK

Coaching Tip: Back to Basics

Coaching Tip: Effective Listening

Coaching Tip: Equality of Voice

Coaching Tip: Listen First

Coaching Tip: Powerful Questions

Coaching Tip: Question Stems

Coaching Tip: Using the GROW ME Model on Calls

Coaching Tip: Flexibility

Coaching Tip: Impact

Coaching Tip: Learning Zone

Coaching Tip: Who Else?

Coaching Tip: The Impossibility Question

Coaching Tip: Power Thank You

Coaching Tip: Relationships

Coaching Tip: Mindset

Coaching Tip: Positions vs Interests

Coaching Tip: Multigenerational Teams



Working with Activist Groups as a Nonpartisan Organization, March 2018 

External Trends = Opportunities for Leagues, December 2017

Engagement for Impact, March 2017

Engagement for Impact II, April 2017

Being Highly Visible Part II: Using Election Work, April 2016

Being Highly Visible, March 2016

Engaging Volunteers Part II, February 2016

Engaging the "New Breed," January 2016

Working with Allied Groups Part II, December 2015

Working with Allied Groups, November 2015

Using LWVUS Study to Connect with the Community, updated 2015

Media Outreach Tips, August 2015

Messaging Opportunities - Being Visible in Your Community this Summer/Fall, July 2015

MLD Best Practices and LWVUS' 95th Birthday, January 2015

Visibility, Volunteer Recruitment, Engagement, and Maintenance, September 2014

Gaining Visibility Through Social Media, May 2014

Summer Visibility, June 2013



Focus on Elections, July 2016

Voter Service as a Membership Opportunity, August 2014

Program Planning to Grow the League, January 2014

Local Studies, April 2013

Action as an Engagement Tool, March 2013

Voter Registration, July 2012

Elections, March 2012



Fun in League! December 2014