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Talking Points: LWVUS Engagement with the Green New Deal Letter to Congress

LWVUS provides these talking points to Leagues about our engagement with a possible "Green New Deal" and climate change policy more generally. These points are meant to inform Leagues of the activities of LWVUS and can be used by individual Leagues in their messaging on this subject.

  • LWVUS joined a January 10th letter with more than 600 organizations urging Congress to hold hearings and openly debate legislation about climate change in response to the momentum across the country to address this important issue. 

  • This letter is a request to hold hearings that will help educate the public on the subject, a process that is critical to democracy and aligns with the League’s longstanding support for a transparent process. 

  • As with any omnibus legislation, we will work to elevate and protect the components that align with our positions. On the parts that do not align, we will work to negotiate separately and in a way that supports the League’s work. 

  • It is important for LWVUS to be at the table as this process begins to make sure the important work we have done for many decades is included in any comprehensive climate change package that is developed. 

  • Being part of this initial conversation around the subject positions us to influence the outcome of the potential legislation on this issue.  

  • Being at the table is the only way we can advance the work our organization has done on climate change. We can’t stand by silently and wait for the legislation to be crafted.  

  • Currently there is no bill, but LWVUS stands ready to negotiate when the time comes.  

  • As with all legislation, we will examine final language before supporting or opposing a bill publicly.  

  • LWVUS staff continues to consult the LWVUS Climate Change Taskforce, a group of dedicated and trusted League leaders, regarding legislation around climate change issues. We will continue to look to our long-standing positions to guide our engagement on this topic.