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2018 Election Season Social Media Materials

As elections season continues, we’ll continue to roll out new content, and will be updating this resource accordingly. Bookmark this page and check back often!


Join us in getting out the vote on social media this election season! Below, find sample posts and graphics for you to use leading up to election day. You may also use all the photos on the LWV Flickr site.  

Please feel free to tailor these messages to fit the elections in your community, as well as to promote the specific activities your League is carrying out this election season. 

In addition to this content, share information about the elections events you’ll be hosting. Don’t forget to take photos of your events and use those in your posts as well!


Sample Posts

Note: Hashtags help your content enter into larger conversations and garner visibility. Hashtags are most successful on Twitter, and should be used sparingly on Facebook. You should use any of the following popular hashtags: #GOTV, #iVoted, #Election2018, #BeAVoter—and tag @LWV and @VOTE411!

You should also use local hashtags specific to your state or community’s elections. For example, #FlaPol or #CAvote. Look on Twitter to see what other folks in your state or area are using!

September: Voter Registration Month

  • The officials you vote into office determine policies on immigration reform, jobs, health care, education and more. Voting is your chance to choose and to weigh in on the issues that matter most to you—take a moment to register to vote now!
  • We each have the power to increase voter turnout. Register to vote & help others register, too! 
  • Not sure if you’re registered to vote? Visit to learn where you can check your registration.
  • Election Day will be here before we know it! Make sure your registration is up-to-date while you still have time.
  • Leagues across the country have registered tens of thousands of voters this year! Learn more:
  • Registering to vote is the first step to participating in our election. Interested in setting up a voter registration drive? Learn how in our blog:
  • We are so thrilled with the record number of voters engaging with us this year.  Are you one of them?
  • Help ensure all Americans have an opportunity to participate in the upcoming pivotal elections. Ask your friends and family if their voter registration is up to date, consider volunteering with your local League, and share with your networks.

October: Voter Education Month

  • Wondering who will be on your ballot this Election Day? Visit & enter your address to see the candidates and issues on your ballot.
  •  [STATE]’s early voting deadline is [DATE]! Visit to learn the rules and get ready to vote on November 6. The outcome of this election will affect us all—don’t miss out!
  • Who’s on your ballot? Where is your polling place? What do you need to bring with you on #ElectionDay? If you can’t answer one or more of these questions, we’ve got you covered! Head to for all of your voting and election info.
  • Getting the voting and #electionday info you need is easy. Go to, enter your address, and we’ll do the rest. #BeAVoter
  • Get ready to vote! Don’t hit the polls uninformed, check out to see your personalized ballot. #BeaVoter @VOTE411
  • Confused about election rules and regulations in [STATE]? has the answers. #Election2018
  • Election Day is just around the corner! It's not too late to visit to get ready to vote: find your local voting rules, polling place hours, and who will be on your ballot. #BeaVoter @VOTE411

November: Get Out the Vote

  • Voting is your chance to take control over the future of your family and your community. Don't let anything keep you from voting—help make democracy work! 
  • Election Day is just [X] days away and we have all the info you need to hit the polls!  Spread the word to help make sure that your friends & family have everything they need to vote!
  • We're counting down, and Election Day is just days away! Are you ready to vote? Visit now to view your personalized voter guide, check your local polling hours & get all the information you need to vote on Tuesday!
  • Every single vote matters. RT to remind your friends to vote on Nov 6. #BeAVoter
  • Voting is your chance to stand up for what matters most to you. Get all the info you need to vote Nov. 6 at #BeAVoter


Vote Nov 6