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Democracy for All? The Barriers of Photo ID

In Minnesota, an amendment to the state constitution is expected to be introduced in the legislator early next year. We also expect to see voter photo ID bills move in MI, OH, PA and VA. This is in addition to the eight states that passed photo ID bills so far this year alone. LWVMN is working in partnership with the LWVUS’ Public Advocacy for Voter Protection (PAVP) project that has provided support to over 20 State Leagues this year that are fighting voter suppression legislation sweeping the nation.  

The League of Women Voters opposes these new laws and legislation because it risks disenfranchising millions of eligible voters across the country, will cost millions of dollars to implement and there is no evidence that there is a need for such draconian measures. Indeed, these new laws threaten to silence the voices of those least heard and rarely listened to in this country – the poor, the elderly, racial and ethnic minorities, the young and the differently abled.

LWVMN is fighting back by educating voters and legislators about the detrimental effects of the proposed constitutional amendment. Their efforts include the creation of a toolkit that includes a mini-documentary entitled “Democracy for All? The Barriers of Voter Photo-ID” (partially funded by LWVEF PAVP project), talking points, sample invitations and flyers and a discussion guide to be used in town hall meetings across the state. This toolkit has been disseminated to all Minnesota local Leagues and shared with other state League’s across the country to help fight back these new barriers to voting.