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HR1 Policy Briefing Webinar

LWVUS staff held a briefing for League members on HR1 on February 5, 2019. The briefing provided an overview of the legislation, outlined the pieces the League is addressing with Congress, and answered questions. A recording of the webinar is available and below is a list of resources shared in the presentation.

Click here to view a recording of the webinar (Hint: there is some dead air time at the beginning of the webinar because we started the program early. You may want to skip through that.)

Slides: See attachment below

Talking Points: LWVUS will maintain updated talking points for all Leagues to speak with one voice about the For the People Act, HR1.

Sample Social Media Posts: Promote the For the People Act (HR1) on social media with the help of these sample posts and graphics.

February Recess Materials: Click here to see a list of events around the country. Click here to sign up to host your own event with your member of Congress.

Action Alert and Additional Resources:  Tell your friends and family to send notes too! We always provide additional resources on our action pages for those looking to get more information about the legislation. Use the "additional resources" section (on the bottom of the action page) to find our most recent memos and press releases on this legislation.

Capitol Switchboard number: 202.224.3121 Use the talking points to leave a message with your Representative at any time about the importance of this bill.

List of Cosponsors and the Bill Text: It’s 571 pages, but provides for some good reading if you are interested. Other tabs on this page provide additional information, including a list of cosponsors on this legislation.

Op-Ed on Same Day Registration: The League really took the lead on making sure this provision was in the legislation. This Op-Ed helps to tell the story about the importance of this provision.