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News Clips

 “In celebration of February Youth Voter Month, the League of Women Voters of Larimer County [CO] hosted a contest for high school offer thoughts about why they look forward to voting.”

 “Besides Planned Parenthood, the bill has drawn opposition from groups such as the Pennsylvania Medical Society, the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and the Pennsylvania League of Women Voters.”


Florida Restricts Independent Voter Registration Drives
“... The state has imposed new rules restricting third-party voter registration drives, which are so onerous that Rock the Vote, the League of Women Voters and the Florida Public Interest Research Group Education Fund have had to suspend their volunteer-led programs.”

 “Last year, the Florida legislature passed a bill enacting requirements for groups conducting voter registration drives so onerous that even the League of Women Voters were forced to pull out of the state. Sensible individuals would see this episode as a cautionary tale. South Carolina legislators view it instead as a how-to guide.”

 “Several normally tepid procedural rulings have sparked a flurry of divided opinions as the Florida Supreme Court prepares to hear oral arguments over redistricting maps ... ”

 In election year, county chapter proves to be useful tool for voters
“Want to hear local candidates face off on the issues? Read a nonpartisan analysis of initiatives on the state ballot? Learn more about foreign-policy issues? If your answer is yes, learning about the League of Women Voters might be a good first step.”

“The League of Women Voters of Port Washington-Manhasset [NY]...takes issue with the vote taken by the North Hempstead Town Board on Wednesday...that created a redistricting committee made up only of appointees of the town’s nine-member council.”

“... Elisabeth MacNamara, the president of the League of Women Voters of the United States, says, “The fact that this is being touted as a way of making the system more secure ... is just a false argument.”

 “The Connecticut Freedom of Information Act (CT FOI), enacted in 1975...promotes transparency in government ... After observing that adherence to the CT FOI Act by Fairfield’s many boards and commissions has sometimes been wanting, the Fairfield League of Women Voters sent a letter...requesting that a training seminar be held for all town boards and commissions. The League is very pleased to report that our request was honored. And in a big way! A training session was conducted twice in early February. Over 50 invitees attended, and feedback has been very positive.”

Students “sign up to vote at the League of Women Voters table earlier this month on North Lake [TX] College's Central Campus.”