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...registration form, in which case only votes for federal races will be counted.

An anonymous individual (or individuals) left a target riddled with bullet holes on the doorstep of the Seattle-King County League of Women Voters' Capitol Hill office over the recent holiday

In an apparent attempt at intimidation, an anonymous person or group left a paper target riddled with bullet holes outside the League of Women Voters of Seattle-King County office over the July 4th

The League believes this was a threat against them for supporting I-594, The Washington Universal Background Checks for Gun Purchases, which is a proposed measure that would make background checks

A judge threw out Florida’s congressional redistricting map Thursday, ruling that the Legislature allowed for a “secret, organized campaign” by partisan operatives to subvert the redistricting proc

A Florida judge ruled the state's congressional district map invalid Thursday night, saying it violates constitutional provisions that require fair districts and instead favors Republicans.

Florida’s congressional redistricting map, which opponents including the League of Women Voters said favors Republicans, was found by a judge to violate the state’s constitution and must be changed

Spartanburg is the perfect place to celebrate Independence Day; this is the place where our freedom was secured.

A North Carolina law passed last year that requires voters to present photo identification and eliminates same-day voter registration has been called one of the farthest-reaching overhauls to elect

A North Carolina judge will decide whether portions of the state’s voter ID law, described as “discriminatory” by critics, should be implemented or delayed, following suits filed by the federal go