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A North Carolina judge will decide whether portions of the state’s voter ID law, described as “discriminatory” by critics, should be implemented or delayed, following suits filed by the federal go

What if there were an election and no one showed up to vote?

Organizers of lawsuits filed in response to the Voter Identification Act passed in North Carolina last year hope a federal judge will delay implementation of the law until after the November midter

Midterm elections are right around the corner, and for the North Carolina NAACP and the Advancement Project, this month represents a do-or-die moment in what will be the last time to put an end to

A federal judge is preparing to hear arguments from civil rights groups that want to prevent some elements of North Carolina's new voting law from being enforced while the law's constitut

The League of Women Voters of Florida has announced the re-launch of its award-winning mobile website, an all-inclusive site for Florida voters seeking information on the upcomin

For Rev. John Mendez, longtime activist and pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, voting is more than just casting a ballot in a particular election.

North Carolina’s new voter law will be tested in court Monday, as a federal judge hears arguments in a lawsuit filed to block the legislation from going into effect for the midterm elections in Nov

During July, the League of Women Voters of Arizona and the Pima County Public Library will provide information regarding voter registration.

Ballots for the Aug. 5 primary election arrive in mailboxes of registered voters throughout Whatcom County in just over two weeks.